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The incredible growth of Northwest Arkansas continues to draw new residents from around the world. As a local non-profit, Peel Compton Foundation is committed to connecting our growing region through nature, education, recreation, and preservation with free access to our four community spaces, including Coler Mountain Bike Preserve.

A Coler membership gift of $100 means that you are expanding access to educational programs for families like the Parkers.

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After moving to Northwest Arkansas from California, the whole family found Coler Mountain Bike Preserve the perfect location for recreation and relaxation. With a family passion for biking, Kim, Jonny and their three children, Millie, Archer, and Reese were able to grow their own skills at Coler programs.

Nine-year-old Millie joined a Bike Fundamentals program at Coler, “Now she’s an expert at the ready position,” her dad said. “She always had great balance, but with that she got quicker and more confident.”

“The class rode Thunderdome, and “that’s what sealed it,” her dad says. “Millie went from riding around the parking lot to that. She’s a downhill girl.” Millie agrees and says her favorite part of riding her bike is “going really fast,” and now she wants to learn how to do jumps.

Millie and her dad can now enjoy mountain biking together on Coler’s variety of trails for all skill levels.

As our community grows, let’s preserve spaces where moments like this are possible. Your Coler Membership will ensure kids like Millie, Archer, and Reese have access to valuable programs that build skills, friendships, and confidence.

Become a Coler Member