The Quiver 300 & Fall League

Young man drawing a bow and arrow, focusing on striking his target

The Quiver 300 – Youth Competition

The Quiver Archery Range is bringing together the community for The Quiver 300, our first ever youth archery competition! On Saturday, August 6th, kids will get to experience friendly competition & improve their archery skills at world-class, outdoor archery range from 9am-noon. The competition will be divided into age and bow categories.

  • Age Categories: 8-11, 12-15, and 16-18
  • Equipment Divisions: Compound with sights, Recurve with sights, and Barebow (including Genesis bows)
  • Win Awards: 1st place in every age/equipment division with at least 4 registered participants will win awards, 2nd place with 8, and 3rd place with 12. Awards will not be monetary.

To learn more about this brand new competition, email us at or click the button below.

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Fall League

We’re also kicking-off our first Fall League on August 12th! League is the perfect opportunity to meet other archers, learn from one another, and build community. All ages and ability levels are welcome!

During league season (August 10th – October 2nd), archers will turn in their score card each week. League night will be every Friday during league season from 5-7pm. Once league season ends in October, scores will be tallied and winners in each division will be announced.

Fall League is $50 for Quiver Members and $150 for non-members. Eager to learn more? Email us at or click the button below.

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