Board of Directors

Board of Directors

We invite you to meet our board.

The Peel Compton Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who give generously of their time and talent. Our Board members represent the greater Bentonville community and each member serves to support our mission.

Currently serving on Our Board

Lynne Walton, President

Ciara Anfield

Scarlett Basore

Melanie Belford, Treasurer

Shannon Dixon

Angie Garrett

Aaron Jones, Vice President

Ken Leonard

Jacob McElroy

Angelique O’Bryan

Bailey Pearson Neil, Secretary

Mallory Taylor

Brendan Quirk

Javier Zavala

Mary Zettle

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Peel Mansion & Heritage Gardens

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Compton Gardens & Arboretum

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Coler Mountain Bike Preserve

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Upcoming Events

While our stunning venues are available to book all year long, we also host a colorful calendar of our own events as well! Learn more about our museum and garden tours, children’s storytime, native tree and plant sales, history day, holiday celebrations, and more.

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Why Book a Venue Offered by Peel Compton Foundation?

Booking a venue from The Peel Compton Foundation will not only go above and beyond your expectations for your event, but it will also help support the foundation, its programs and its mission. The unique aspects and amenities of each property attract visitors and residents for a variety of different reasons. From budget-conscious lifetime events to business professionals, history buffs and nature enthusiasts, active outdoor lifestylers and volunteers make this beautiful area a place to celebrate and play.

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The Peel Compton Foundation connects the community through nature, education,
recreation, and preservation.