Backyard Greenhouse Workshop

March 20, 2021

Build a small functioning greenhouse in your backyard!

A program hosted by the Peel Compton Foundation

Join us for a workshop on how to build and grow in your very own backyard greenhouse. Laura Brewer, Peel Heritage Garden site manager, will share her expertise in greenhouse management, demonstrate the build process, and provide comprehensive instruction on how to successfully build your own small greenhouse. This workshop will include how to build, what to buy, as well as tons of tips and tricks for successful winter-time growing techniques so that you can be months ahead of Spring!

How much does it cost? $10

Who is this course for? Adults and children interested in building their own small backyard greenhouse. Adult supervision required.

Capacity: 15 per workshop

What to bring? Active clothing, walking shoes, a face mask

Where to meet? Peel Heritage Garden 400 S Walton Blvd, Bentonville, AR 72712

Who?Contact Laura Brewer with any questions at

When? March 20th 2021 10am-12pm

The Peel Compton Foundation connects the community through nature, education, recreation, and preservation! This is our mission and we are so excited to share this program with you.

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