Virtual Dr. Compton Celebration

August 1st – 6th, 2021

Celebrate our local hero, Dr. Neil Compton! Through this virtual experience and video playlist, we will share with you a glimpse of Dr. Compton’s life, legacy, and contributions.

Dr. Compton Celebration Video Playlist

This video is an excerpt of the film “The Buffalo Flows”.

Stewart Noland, past President of the Ozark Society and Ross Noland, Executive Director of the Buffalo River Foundation.

David Esterly discusses his last project, “Dr. Compton’s Letter Rack”.

Sarah Anne Shipley shares her favorite memory of her great grandfather, Dr. Neil Compton.

Ken Smith, long time friend of Dr. Neil Compton and Ozark Society member.

“I challenge you to step forward to protect and care for the wild places you love best.” – Dr. Neil Compton

In honor of the 108th anniversary of Dr. Compton’s birth we are asking you to consider a donation of $108 to continue his legacy.

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