The Peel Compton Foundation Legacy Trees

Heritage Apple Tree- Peel Heritage Gardens

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Our Heritage Appl Varieties: 

Malus domestica ‘Newton Pippin’ 

The Newtown Pippin, also known as Albemarle Pippin, is an American apple that originated in the late 17th or early 18th century and is still cultivated on a small scale 

 Malus domestica ‘King David’ 

The King David apple was founded by Ben Frost of Durham, Arkansas who discovered it along a fence row in 1893. King David apple tree is a versatile fruit for cider, pies, sauce, and eating. Its admirers boast that it is the most wonderful eating apple in the world. It is a medium-size deep dark red apple. It has firm, crisp, spicy, juicy yellow flesh. The King David apple tree is thought to be a cross between Jonathan x Arkansas Black. 

 Other Heirloom Apple’s being PurchasedMalus domestica

Ashmeads Kernel’ &  ‘Lady Apple’  & Esopus Spitzenburg