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Sourwood Tree – Compton Gardens and Arboretum

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Sourwood – Oxydendrum arboreum
Heath Family (Ericaceae)

Sourwood, the largest tree in the azalea family in North America, and is considered to be one of our most beautiful natives. It has lovely flowers that open in mid-summer, excellent fall color, and hanging racemes of fruit capsules in the winter. Sourwood offers sourwood is a deciduous narrow tree with a rounded top and drooping branches. Trees typically grow up to about 30 feet in height and 20 feet in spread. Sourwood typically develops into a broadly conical tree with branches that droop toward their tips, giving it a graceful appearance. One of the best fall color among trees in the South, and has the best red of any of our natives.

Horticulture note-Planting sourwood next to black gum (Nyssa sylvatica) makes for a great fall color combination.