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Events with impact.

We understand busy schedules, and when you’re trying to plan an event for your team, ensuring that your corporate event venue has the right and necessary amenities is key to the impact your event will have on the people who attend it.

The Peel Compton Foundation has ample parking, is close to hotels, the airport and offers other great conveniences that will help your guests get to your event on time, with ease and provide them with a seamless experience to get the most out of their visit and your event. The capacity and minimums for our venues will meet the needs of a variety of celebrations, launches, and meetings.

Discover the Best Venues for Corporate Events and Meetings

With three very unique corporate event venues close to the Walmart Executive Offices, extensive parking and a wide variety of amenities, some of the best venues for corporate events and meetings reside in the private nook of The Peel Mansion Foundation. Because we do not require a corking fee, our facilities give individuals a large range of catering options as well. Business professionals are very pleased with our conference spaces and novel venue options. Not to mention, hosting your corporate event at one of our venues provides a peaceful retreat and helps support our mission for environmental preservation. Renting our venues helps to conserve our grounds and provide programming for tours, schools and other special events.

Entire Conference Center

The Compton Conference Center is a mid-century modern style home previously owned, and lived in, by the Compton family and Dr. Neil Compton himself. In the 1990s, the home was graciously gifted to The Peel Compton Foundation. At that time, the home was converted to a professional conference center along with the offices for the foundation to continue his legacy.

In 2018, the home underwent significant restoration and is now known as the Compton Conference Center. The Center has hosted a wide range of events from Fortune 1 executive meetings to small, intimate wedding ceremonies. For those that love the convenience of downtown Bentonville, but still long to enjoy the serenity and beauty of an 11-acre garden, The Compton Conference Center and Gardens provide exactly what you need, for whatever you envision your corporate event to be.

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Large Board Room

There are many meetings that can be held virtually, but time and time again, we find residents and visitors alike seeking a space that will hold a large group. While video conferences in this day and age are quite common, meeting face-to-face is just as important and can accomplish so much more.

The Peel Compton Foundation’s large boardrooms provide a space for individuals to meet, communicate and find common ground in a spacious setting. With wide windows, updated technologies and ample space to explore before, during and after your meeting on our verdant grounds, it truly is the perfect place to interact with your team—large and small, near or far.

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Small Board Room

While The Peel Compton Foundation has many venues that host large gatherings, it’s important to connect with your guests on a more personal level, too. Considering The Peel Compton Foundation’s smaller board room, which is still part of the foundation’s Conference Center, it is the perfect place to start. Offering the same amenities as our larger conference rooms, the small board rooms of The Peel Compton Foundation provide a perfect corporate meeting venue for business professionals and are equipped for more intimate meetings.

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Garden Room

Imagine a serene setting in which you can present your guests an experience at a corporate event that will be hard to forget. The beauty of Northwest Arkansas draws visitors in, especially if you’ve never been to The Natural State before. Learn more about the Garden Room as a venue for corporate events.

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Corporate Meeting Venue Gallery

Ready to dive in? View the Garden Room, Small Boardroom, and Large Boardroom of The Peel Compton Foundation. These corporate event venues are sure to please and will meet the needs of a variety of special occasions. Our staff is happy to set up a tour and walk through all that our venues have to offer.

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