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Victorian elegance at the heart of Bentonville’s history.

The Heritage Gardens are comprised of two and a half rich acres and surround The Peel Mansion Museum. In addition, a Grand Lawn also surrounds both the north and south sides of The Peel Mansion, making this area even more special.

The Heritage Gardens were inspired by traditional Victorian Gardens from the late 19th century. In the 1990s, the Heritage Gardens were formalized into eight unique spaces including the Herb Garden, Vegetable Garden, Cutting Garden, Children’s Garden, Perennial Garden, Rose Garden, Native Plant Garden, and Apple Orchard. The original purpose of the Heritage Gardens was to provide a natural setting for The Peel Mansion and create an outdoor educational space. Today, the gardens are still used for these purposes but provide a beautiful event space as well.

Each individual garden has an intended purpose as well. For example, the Herb Garden provides herbs for cooking and pleasurable fragrances for the home. The Apple Orchard, most commonly known in its day as a kitchen orchard, is a nod to Bentonville’s original roots as an apple-growing community. The Apple Orchard features several varieties including the famous Arkansas Black.

One of the many traditions from Victorian times that continues today is the belief that the outdoor spaces of a home are extended living areas providing sunshine and outdoor pleasures. We also believe the Heritage Gardens are an extension and continuation of The Peel Mansion Museum and the surrounding gardens are a tribute to that.

Our Heritage Gardens are currently undergoing a renewal. We are replanting and updating each of the designated gardens. We have added new and expanded walkways so that each unique garden is fully accessible for all to enjoy.

Heritage Gardens for Events

The Heritage Gardens are a wonderful setting for any event, intimate or grand. Whether you are looking for a place to share your vows among the people you love the most, celebrate a family reunion, honor a lifetime event such as an anniversary or promotion, or, are looking for that quintessential backdrop for photography or filming, the Heritage Gardens can fulfill your needs.

Heritage Garden Size & Specs

The Heritage Gardens are a part of The Peel Mansion Museum. With your rental of The Peel Mansion, the Heritage Gardens are included.

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Heritage Garden Pricing

Pricing for the Peel Mansion & Heritage Gardens will vary depending on the day of your booking and the hours in which you would like to reserve the venue. To rent out the Heritage Gardens, which includes The Peel Mansion, pricing is $300 for two hours during the weekdays. If you would like to rent the venue for four hours (or a half-day), it is $400. For a full day or nine hours, pricing will begin at $800. For each additional hour, it is $150. For the entire event space to be rented for a weekend day, only full days are available. The entire facility is available for weekend special events at a going rate of $1,500. Each additional hour will remain $150. For more information or to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members, please contact The Peel Compton Foundation, today.

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Our friendly staff and passionate volunteers are thrilled to help you make your event the best it can be. Secure your date for your special event with The Peel Compton Foundation.

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Heritage Garden Tours

Guests will walk through the Heritage Gardens surrounding The Peel Mansion where they will view vibrant flowers, plants, and trees. Our guests will then move into The Peel Mansion, where they will get the opportunity to view authentic 18th and 19th-century architecture, garments and other antiques. The Peel Mansion is ripe with historic facts and tons of history to keep your group interested and yearning for more! We are able to accommodate all ages, too. We have both guided and self-guided tours, free of charge, for our guests to enjoy due to the continued generosity of the Arvest Foundation.

For those groups that want a special guided tour and luncheon, we look forward to creating an exclusive and historical experience for you and your group. The Peel Mansion Museum & Heritage Gardens offer an extended guided tour, as well as a dining experience in the Conservatory. We can accommodate groups in size from 10 or more. These special guided tours with a dining experience range in price from $20 to $30 a person based upon the menu selected and the number of guests.

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Heritage Garden Gallery

The Heritage Gardens and The Peel Mansion are authentic spaces that give visitors and residents the opportunity to host an event unlike any other. Our tours provide history and heritage of the area, too, giving those searching for the perfect event venue the opportunity to connect to the wonderful landscape and rich past of Northwest Arkansas.