Join Our Mission

A commitment to historic and environmental preservation.

There are so many ways to support The Peel Compton Foundation by joining our mission and commitment to historic and environmental preservation. The strength and diversity of The Peel Compton Foundation lies in its ability to appeal to many audiences—those who feel a great tug at their roots for the historical character of The Peel Mansion and Heritage Gardens, and the nature-lovers, gardeners and recreationalists among us who value the “green” message of the late environmentalist Dr. Neil Compton.


Donations for The Peel Compton Foundation come in all shapes and sizes—and for many different reasons. The foundation is an integral part of the Northwest Arkansas community and our properties enhance the lives of all, whether a life-long resident or a visitor passing through. All of our venues are free to access and use—but only because of the generosity and support of so many.

Your Donation Supports Environmental Stewardship

If you’re daydreaming about riding world-class mountain bike trails come to Coler Mountain Bike Preserve, where the miles of trails are free and open. If you’re itching to unplug, to take a walk or to simply be with nature—visit Compton Gardens, which is free and open every day of the year. If you’re interested in taking a step back in time to 1875, visit the Peel Mansion Museum, it is free and open to the public. All of this would be impossible without the kindness of those who believe in The Peel Compton Foundation and its mission to preserve this beautiful area.

How to Do More

Looking to get involved? There are many ways you can donate to the Foundation. We have an annual giving campaign each year to support our operations. By supporting the Annual Giving Campaign, you become a friend of the Foundation. We keep you up-to-date through our newsletters about the wonderful activities we offer, our progress, and special events.

The Foundation also gladly accepts special gifts. Over the next year, we are embarking on a Peel Renewal Campaign to restore our Heritage Gardens to their intended beauty, an effort in which we will work to help them reach their absolute fullest potential. We have eight unique gardens and each one is undergoing an extensive renewal. We are actively looking for donors to help with new plants and exterior furnishings to restore these exquisite landscapes, as well as add additional features such as benches and fountains. Please consider a special gift for the Peel Garden Renewal Project if you are looking for a donation opportunity. It really is a gift for the entire community.



Volunteers are key members of our Foundation. Whether you serve in one of our gardens or greenhouses as a budding “green-thumb,” all the way to a Master Gardener that helps expertly care for our grounds, no amount of time is too little. Some volunteers choose to help us represent life as it was in an authentic 1875 period costume to hundreds of school children and throughout many tours we offer—we welcome anyone willing to help. We have many volunteers that serve weekly or just once in awhile.  

The variety of different areas in which we are looking for volunteers include:

In the gardens or greenhouses. If you have a passion for the outdoors and love to plant, cultivate, weed or would most enjoy helping out at our annual native tree and plant sales, there is a place at The Peel Compton Foundation for you. If you are a Master Gardener looking to fulfill your required working hours, this is a perfect opportunity for you!

As a museum guide or docent. As a museum guide or docent, you will be providing guided tours for our guests about the history of The Peel Mansion, enriching the experience for both residents and visitors alike. 

In the Museum Store. We are always looking for friendly faces to help with the Museum Store customers and to provide support for the cabin store manager. 

On the trails. Another position available for those who have a passion for nature, these volunteers will help clean up and restore trails after storms, ensuring proper care for both mountain bikers and hikers to enjoy the lush greenery that surrounds this astounding area. 

At fundraising events. Fundraising events help the Foundation immensely and provide much-needed support for employees and volunteers alike. Volunteers will help with guest services at our events and help us provide a special experience for all those who visit.

If you are interested in history, love to garden, enjoy riding a bike (road or mountain) or want to help maintain some of our impeccable trails, please contact the foundation. We would be thrilled to have you!  



The Peel Compton Foundation is growing and will more than double in size from our current operations. We have individuals who began as interns who are now in management and leadership roles. 

We are seeking people with a wide variety of skills ranging from those with program development expertise and horticultural knowledge to those who have accounting and technology experience. We offer a full and complete benefits package including a 401K match, paid holidays and ample vacation time. Many of our employees ride their bikes to work as well, both mountain bikes and road bikes, as all of our properties have direct access to the miles and miles of bike trails. 

In fact, Compton Gardens is the trailhead for the All-American Bike Trail, so if you’re passionate about transportation of the two-wheel variety, employees are welcome to come ride with us to and from work as a part of your workday!

We are a mission-based organization. We want people who are passionate about improving our community through access to recreation and rich traditions in this most beautiful place we call home, Northwest Arkansas.


Peel Compton Foundation connects the community through nature, education, recreation, and preservation.