Osage Park

Recreation with all in mind

Welcome to the ultimate urban park full of natural experiences and recreational adventures. Osage Park is a thrilling destination for visitors of all ages, interests, and abilities. You can become a champion archer, a leading conservationist, or simply a curious explorer. Access our floating boardwalks around the park’s 12-acre wetland ecosystem or try out the unique programming at The Quiver Archery Range. Whether you want to explore the native wetlands, play pickle ball, visit the dog park, enjoy live music, or connect with your surroundings, the adventures at Osage are endless.

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  • Wetlands Boardwalk
  • Food Trucks
  • Pavilion
  • Pickleball Courts
  • Cherry Tree Grove
  • Dog Park
  • The Quiver Archery Range
  • Lake Bentonville, provided by Bentonville Parks and Recreation

Local Food Trucks at Osage Park


Java Dudes


Learn More about Oz Art at Osage Park

Oz Art NWA at Osage Park

Visit Osage Park and experience the 6 beautiful art installments from Oz Art NWA.
“Osage Park is the perfect location for art that immerses visitors in the outdoor experience. When
thinking about work that would complement this setting and inspire park visitors, we sought artists whose work illustrates a respect for the natural environment and an affinity for everyday life,” – Elizabeth Miller, art collection manager for OZ Art NWA.

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Hours: Sunrise – 11pm
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