The Quiver Archery Range

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Welcome to The Quiver Archery Range

The Quiver is a 70-meter outdoor range with 20 archery lanes for all to enjoy. Our certified archery instructors are here to provide you individual instruction on what equipment to use and how to aim for success. We will have archery lanes available for hour session reservations as well as annual memberships for individuals and families! Rentals will be available for local archery clubs, private parties, events, and retreats.

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Inclement Weather Policy

The Quiver Archery Range may be closed due to inclement weather at the Range Managers discretion. If you reserved an hour time slot and a closure becomes necessary, you will be notified.

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We utilize a reservation system called Amilia. You will need to register for an account by clicking here. 

  • Here’s a how-to register and log in article for extra help:
  • Once you have an Amilia account, you can visit and select the “Hourly Archery” button. This will open our calendar where you can select the day and time you’d like to come. Follow the check out prompts. If you are a member, hourly archery will automatically show up as FREE on your invoice. Archer Members do not need to register to come during their exclusive access hours 8am-11am but should make a reservation during public hours.

Yes! You are welcome to bring your own equipment. Be sure that you can handle your bow without struggling to insure your own and other’s safety. Please be sure your equipment is in good, working condition before coming. If you are unsure, take it by a local shop with a bow tech to do a quick check. Broadheads and crossbows are not allowed.

Yes! All hourly reservations or memberships include free equipment rental. We have recurves from 15 to 30lbs as well as Genesis and Genesis Mini Universal Compound bows for both right- and left-handed archers. Appropriate arrows are also available, including NASP Easton arrows. You may only use range arrows with range bows. If you wish to shoot at a higher poundage or a different style of bow, we suggest you visit a local retailer to assist with outfitting you with your own bow and tackle.

If you rent equipment from the range, we will ask you a few questions to help determine what the best fit is for you. You are welcome to trade out for different weights and types of bows with what is currently available. Things to consider with a staff member: Right or Left-handed, eye dominance (if known), any physical limitations of the archer, style of archery (compound vs recurve), height and/or strength, draw length, among others. There is no need to worry, we will help you through the process every step of the way.

All guests must reserve online and can be done here.

Yes, please let a staff member know by 9am the day of your activity at the range and we can accommodate. For longer distances, we recommend using sights and sighting in your bow progressively. You are welcome to move to a different, available target at the end of arrow retrieval. Targets will be no closer to the shooting line than 20 feet to ensure safety.

We will have a lost and found arrow quiver at the Range. Found arrows are not monitored nor the responsibility of Quiver staff. Please be honest and timely when retrieving found arrows. If too many arrows are in the found quiver, we may discard any broken/damaged arrows or donate undamaged ones.

While we do our best to insure safe, working conditions to all rental equipment, we also understand things happen and expect some typical maintenance to occur. However, if you are using the equipment in a manner it was not intended or are breaking the range’s rules, you may be unable to rent from us again.

Food may be allowed in the spectator area. Drinks with lids are allowed anytime. Please keep them behind the waiting line. No glass bottles. Please clean up after yourself and your children. No alcohol, nor intoxication, is allowed in the range at any time.

No, you may come in and sit in the Spectator area without charge. We require an over 18-year-old, responsible adult to accompany any minors on the range.

A responsible adult over 18 years old must accompany any minor and must stay in the spectator area with them. To ensure the safety of all participants and spectators we ask everyone keeps their voices low and do not create a disruption for others. No baby backpacks or similar wraps outside of the spectator area. Staff have authority to ask disruptive children and adults to leave, with no refunds issued to archers who may also need to leave. We want to be accommodating but will not sacrifice safety.

You may shoot with your child and give them advice as you go. You may not “coach.” If you are not registered to shoot, you may not cross the waiting line.

Yes, with prior approval. You must be Certified USA Archery Level 2, hold an Archer level membership, and interview with the Range Manager before coaching at the Quiver. Those who do so without going through the correct process could be banned and any memberships revoked.  Other certifications will be considered if a background check is required a minimal of every 2 years. We will also host certification classes on a regular basis.

We will be following local, CDC, and Peel Compton Foundation guidelines. Currently we provide hand sanitizer and clean equipment between rentals. We also clean toilets, water fountains and frequently touched surfaces throughout the day. We request masks be worn inside the building and during instructional times. Masks will not be required on the range unless working closely with an instructor, coach or staff. Please respect social distancing guidelines.

The Quiver Archery Range does not offer refunds.

Dogs are not allowed inside The Quiver Archery Range.

Location & Hours

Wed-Sun (11am-5pm)