Even after all of the leaves have fallen and most of the plants have gone dormant, each of Peel Compton Foundation’s outdoor spaces are a beautiful outdoor paradise. For us, manicuring and preserving the natural beauty of each of our spaces is a top priority. This is why we are excited to share a couple of fun, sustainable crafts for you all to enjoy as winter approaches!

Christmas is just around the corner, and what better way to get into the holiday spirit than by creating your own eco-friendly Christmas wreath?

What You Will Need:
some wire or a wire hanger
old newspapers, leftover paper, tissue paper, or (non-waxy) craft paper
thread, cord, or twine to keep your wreath in shape
sewing pins/paperclips
masking tape

Decorative options:
sprigs, twigs, leaves, and needles!
Christmas designs cut from paper: snowflakes, snowmen, presents, etc.
old fabric, scarves, ribbon, beads, etc.

candy canes, used Christmas ornaments, etc.

How to Build Your Christmas Wreath:

1. Take your wire and form it into a circle (If using a wire hanger, make sure bend-out the hanger and secure to your circular shape with tape, cord, or twine).

2. Wrap the wire with your newspaper/paper. You will need to build a thick layer, so continue to add paper until you’ve reached your desired wreath thickness!

3. If choosing to use tissue paper and/or fabric, begin to secure these materials around the shape of your wreath with additional tape or sewing pins.

4. Begin to wrap your wreath-base with cord, string, or twine. This step helps your wreath retain its shape and creates a framework for attaching your decorations!

5. Finish by securing your decorations! We chose to design our wreath by weaving some twigs of holly and fir sprigs from the trees located at Compton Gardens into our twine framework! Those of you at home can get creative with this step and make your own snowflake decorations, wrap your frame with an old Christmas patterned scarf, and/or attach some other small, holiday-themed trinkets.

Now you have a unique, environmentally friendly Christmas wreath to show off on your door through the new year! Keep an eye out for our next tutorial on How to Make Recycled Christmas Decorations.